Green Canyon 18 Gulf of Mexico Facility Upgrade

EPIC, Management Resources, LLC provided consulting support during investor reviews of the acquisition and is providing the Project Management and Construction Management services for the $25 million upgrade of the drilling/production platform situated 150 miles offshore Louisiana in 750 feet of water.


Scope of Work:

  • PLC system replacement

  • Produced water handling system upgrades

  • Overhaul of the two turbine generators

  • Replacement of the backup diesel generator

  • Replacement of the two gas compressors

  • Gas lift manifold addition

  • Refurbish and replace three pipeline pumps

  • Flare system replacement

  • Platform wide vessel cleaning

  • Living quarters refurbishment

  • Mechanical integrity inspection

  • Level II & III underwater inspection

  • Replace piping throughout the platform

  • Repair structural deficiencies

  • Blast and paint program

  • General repair and maintenance

  • 2,000hp drill rig installation planning and layout

  • Platform preparation for drilling operations

  • Addition of temporary quarters and office buildings for drilling crews