Eugene Island 11 H Facility Upgrade

EPIC Management Resources, LLC provided project management services from conception overseeing engineering, regulatory, I&E, construction, procurement, inspection, transportation and commissioning for facility upgrades on Contango’s EI 11 H Complex.  Innovative techniques such as welding habitats were utilized during the offshore hookup to minimize shut in time on this 60 day (50,000 man hour) offshore installation.


Upgrades Included:

  • 10,000 HP two stage turbine compressor rated for 150 MMSCFD

  • Dual 50 HP coolers for 1st and 2nd stage cooling

  • High flow compact scrubber system

  • Dual Header six slot compressor manifold

  • 100′ x 30′ main deck extension with support framing

  •  50′ x 20′ cellar deck extension with support framing

  • Platform instrument air system

  • MCC building

  • Eight man accomodations

  • All associated valves and ICP

Eugene Island 11 H